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Single Use Temperature Data Logger

Export the historical data for better analysis and reduce cost and waste with these single-use data loggers. These data loggers help to keep the temperature and value-sensitive items healthy. These are a kind of plug-and-play device and do not need any specific software for producing reports for recorded temperature data. Furthermore, they measure the temperature with high accuracy, have long battery life, and an intuitive LED indication makes them a worldwide standard in storage and logistics. We have two separate models available with display and without display. Explore now!

These data loggers can be used for recording and monitoring temperatures during storage, experiments or shipments and are ideal for cold chain, food, lab and pharmaceutical applications.

Working Process

The working of single-used temperature loggers is quite simple. It receives the wavelengths and signals and then processes them further to obtain the essential data. The sensors change the measured parameters to electric signals. The loggers capture the signals, and then the results are displayed and stored on the device.

Benefits of using single-use data loggers

Here are the main benefits of using single-use temperature loggers:

  1. The single-use temperature data loggers are comparatively more economical than reusable data loggers.
  2. They are small in size and can be easily attached to any part of a box, consignment etc.
  3. They don’t need any specific software to export the recorded data.
  4. They feature a high-precision digital sensor that gives accurate results.
  5. You get a detailed CSV or PDF report, including a table and graph.
  6. These single-use temperature loggers are reliable and cost-effective.
  7. These are simple to use devices and are programmable to suit your needs. You can even review the status of the temperature without downloading the data.
  8. These loggers come with a direct USB interface for easy and quick PC communication.
  9. A single-use temperature data logger comes with an internal sensor to measure the temperature accurately.
  10. These data loggers are compatible with almost all types of transducers for tracking input and output signals.

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