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Dry Ice Logger

The Dry Ice Logger is programmed to measure the excessive low temperature from -85°C to +150°C and for liquid Nitrogen Logger -196°C to 150 °C. It is an ideal tool to monitor the low temperature within the logistics and transport industry for monitoring pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food shipment .  It generally monitors the frozen temperature of clinical trials, pharmaceutical products, biological products, diagnostic specimens, plasma, medical tissue, and animals.

The logger measures the dry ice applications accurately and reliably due to the presence of advanced technology. Also, our dry ice logger is in high demand because of its easy usage, portability, and easy connectivity to the device. If you want to buy, browse our collection now!

Application of Dry Ice Logger

The general applications of dry ice data loggers for transportation and storage are as follows:

  1. Temperature recording of organs storage/Human-Animal tissue.
  2. Recording temperature of medical samples.
  3. Transportation and storage of medicines, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.
  4. Storage and recording of cryogenic items.
  5. Tracking temperature at the time of transportation of diagnostic specimens.
  6. Recording of the dry ice temperature at the time of clinical trials.
  7. Recording at the time of transportation and storage of enzymes.
  8. Fits properly almost inside any compartment, enclosure, or container.


  • It automatically produces an encrypted PDF report, and there is no need for any software to access it. The PDF report consists of statistics, alarm information, summaries, and optional tabular and graph data.
  • Access, manage, and download data logger outside vehicle, package, or refrigerator via Bluetooth communication.
  • Under flight mode, the logger keeps recording using Bluetooth signal transmission.
  • It is a rapid programming data logger that uses a configuration file created online. So, installing any driver for the device configuration is not required.
  • Powerful construction to use in extreme transport scenarios

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