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Disposable Temperature Data Loggers

These data loggers are designed to observe and record humidity or temperature excursions in biological, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical supply chains. With the advanced measurement technology, the consumers can get accurate monitoring results that reflect their supply chain environmental conditions.

Moreover, the simple and easy LCD indication displays the necessary information for instant decision-making. Not only this but the lightweight and compact design makes it capable of fitting into any limited space. The disposable temperature data loggers / single use logger are mainly utilized for temperature mapping at the time of shipping, storage, and transportation of medicine, food, vaccines, chemicals, and other products.

Furthermore, it has a USB interface to get a PDF report directly. It means they are a type of plug-and-play device and don’t require any particular software reports for recorded temperature data. Check our collection to purchase now!
Working on a Disposable Temperature data logger
The working of this data logger is very simple. It gets the signal and wavelengths and processes them to get the necessary data. The sensor tranform the measured parameters to the electric signals. The data logger catches the signals, and the results are stored and shown on the device.
Advantages of Using Disposable Temperature Data Logger
Here are some essential advantages of using a disposable temperature data logger:
●Intuitive Operation and smart design
●WHO approved
●Reliable and Cost-Effective
●Food Grade and Waterproof packaging
●Detailed CSV and PDF report including Table and graph.
●No additional software or hardware is required.
●Intelligent LEDs for Status Monitoring
●No need for any software to extract the recorded data.
●It contains high-precision digital sensors to provide accurate results.
●Features a direct USB interface for quick and easy communication with a PC.
●Compatible with almost all transducers to track input and output signals.
●Record data at any time interval from reading each second to reading after every 24 hours.

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