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Temperature Humidity Sensors

Importance of temperature humidity sensors

A temperature-humidity sensor is an electronic device that measures the environment’s temperature and transforms the input data into electric data to monitor or record the signal temperature changes. Here, you can get a range of temperature and humidity sensors, including a Humidity Controller Module, Digital Microcomputer Thermostat Switch, moisture sensor, high-temperature resistance probe, and many more modules. Check out our collection now!


Temperature Humidity sensors are among the commonly used environmental sensors. These devices are used to give the humidity condition within the air at any given place or any given point. Mostly, they are used in situations where air conditions might be extreme or where controlled air conditions are required for different reasons.

Types of Temperature humidity sensors

There are three basic types of humidity sensors which are defined according to the approach used to sense the humidity and provide an electrical signal used to establish the values. Here are the types of humidity sensors:

  • Capacitive humidity sensors

These types of sensors provide stable readings and can detect a wide range of relative humidity.

  • Resistive humidity sensors

Unlike the capacitive humidity sensors, these sensors can operate in remote monitoring applications where the distance between the signalling circuit and sensor element is large.

  • Thermal conductivity humidity sensors

These sensors are used to calculate absolute humidity. Thermal conductivity sensors are durable and ideal to use in corrosive or high-temperature environments.

Benefits of Temperature Humidity Sensors

The temperature Humidity sensors offer many benefits. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Capacitive Humidity sensors can easily withstand temperatures below zero degrees Celcius.
  2. They are easy to clean and can be used in contaminated environments.
  3. They are flexible to use and don’t need any maintenance for a long time.
  4. These are usable without any issues up to 100% R.H. (in all substances).
  5. They provide a quick response to any temperature changes and precisely measure the humidity and temperature.

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