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Quality Air Meter

Air Quality Meters are the devices used to check and monitor the quality of indoor and outdoor air. These handheld and compact machines can measure important parameters like air volume, temperature, humidity, oxygen, air velocity, % of outdoor air calculations, and carbon dioxide. Air Quality Meters are essential to ensure health and safety to prevent harmful pollutants such as gas, carbon dioxide and mould.

We provide a range of air quality meters that fulfil various industry standards linked with personal safety and are used to measure, detect, and monitor ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO, H2S, and many other toxic gases. If you are looking for air quality meters online, check out our collection now!

Types of available Air Quality Meters online

  • Portable/Handheld Meters – These types of meters are perfect for engineers working on location. They offer accurate measurements and store results for further analysis.
  • Desktop/Stationary Meters – These meters are ideal for indoor air quality measurement (IAQ) like in labs. For instance, they are very accurate in measuring the air quality and can be plugged into the main power source, so batteries aren’t required.

Benefits of Air Quality Meters

  1. The data gathered from the air quality meter helps us to know the impacts caused by poor air quality on public health.
  2. The air quality data helps us to figure out if an area is fulfilling the air quality standards devised by WHO, CPCB, or OSHA.
  3. The data gathered from air quality monitoring would mainly help us identify the pollution level, air quality level, and the polluted areas.
  4. Air quality monitoring assists in figuring out if air pollution control programmes developed in a locality are working properly or not.
  5. The air quality data helps us learn about the mortality rate of any location due to air pollution. Moreover, these meters can also compare the long-term and short-term diseases/disorders resulting from air pollution.
  6. Depending upon the collected data, you can create several control measures for protecting the environment and the health of all living organisms.

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