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Single Use Temperature Data Logger without Display Model: RC-17

600.00 + GST

Elitech RC-17 single-use temperature data logger has a high precision sensor with multiple alarm modes and thresholds. Their robust designs make them suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, life science, flowers, cooler boxes, refrigerated trucks, cooler bags, containers, fresh food lockers, incubators, blood bags, and vaccine applications.

Key Features:

  • Single trip Use
  • Shadow data Facility ( Without start the logger, get the backup data from logger )
  • Auto Generating PDF Format Report
  • Waterproof Grade IP67
  • Software Support
  • Double LED indicators

Technical Parameters:

  • Temperature Range:-30℃~70℃
  • Alarm threshold Default (customizable)
  • Temperature measuring:-30℃~70℃
  • Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Data interface: USE2.0
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.5℃ (-20℃~40℃); 0.1℃
  • Report type :al format, which can be read by Adobe Reader
  • Battery: Built-in CR2450 wide temperature lithium battery
  • Sensor: Internal NTC
  • Battery life: 2 years in total (store and use under normal temperature environment)
  • Record period: 12 Mins Deafult ( Completely customize as per requirement)
  • Protection grade: IP67
  • Alarm type: Single or cumulative
  • Record capacity: 32000 points
  • Size:59mm(L)*30mm(W)*14mm(H)


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