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Wireless Data Logger

Easily stream your data wirelessly over any network for easy remote access with a wireless data logger. We offer high-quality wireless data loggers that allow for highly accurate measurements within various thermal validation processes. A wireless data logger automatically transfers the recorded information to the web-based system via WiFi and eradicates the requirement of manually exporting data via USB. This data logger offers effective documentation analysis and validation. And even allow users of the system to get alarms in case of any temperature excursions.

This portable and wireless temperature logger is used for monitoring and recording analog variables such as humidity, pressure, temperature etc., in the industries like infrastructure IT, logistics, cold chain, food and pharmaceuticals. The wireless data loggers come in different sizes and shapes. Explore our collection now!

How do a wireless temperature logger work?

This device works like a thermometer, but instead of just measuring, it stores the data in the device that can be recovered in the future by connecting it to a computer. For wireless data loggers, the data retrieve automatically via a WiFi connection.

Benefits of using Wireless Data Logging System

  • Readings can be viewed in real-time, safely, and quickly from any tablet or computer.
  • Wireless Data logger and sensor can be placed at any height or other dangerous places as no one has one to go there.
  • Readings are more accurate in comparison to the manual as it is made by accredited sensors.
  • Risks are less as it does not depend on personnel remembering to do readings.
  • Data collection is fully automatic.
  • The Wireless Data logging system allows for receiving alarms immediately if the temperature goes above the set criteria.
  • Wireless data loggers are highly reliable and easy to use as they are designed to resist harsh environmental conditions.
  • They help to optimize the processes and enhance efficiency both in terms of production costs and saving energy.

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