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Data Logger

What is a Data Logger?

Data Loggers are a low-cost, time-efficient, and reliable monitoring solution to record measurements at a particular time interval. These are typically smaller and equipped with sensors, data storage, microprocessor, and battery. The temperature data loggers can be used indoors, outdoors, underwater, on anywhere based on the applications.

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Types of Data Loggers

USB Data Loggers:

These data loggers are portable, reusable, compact and provide easy and low-cost setup and deployment.

Bluetooth-enabled Data Loggers:

These type of data bloggers are also portable, reusable, easy to set up and deploy and provides the extra advantage of wireless data transmission to laptops or mobile devices within a 100-foot range.

Web-based Data Loggers:

These types of data logging systems offer around-the-clock, remote, internet-based access to data through wi-fi, ethernet, or cellular communications to the systems. These systems transmit collected data to a safe web server where the users can retrieve or view the data.

Benefits of Data Loggers

There are various benefits of using data loggers, which include:

Easy data analysis

Getting data from a temperature data logger is as simple as connecting it with your PC through Bluetooth, cable or wi-fi. Initially, the data is shown in a graphical format but can also be viewed in a table format. Furthermore, you can export the data to third-party software for detailed analysis.

High accuracy and efficiency

Using a temperature data logger allows the measurements to be taken precisely and automatically at set intervals without any need for human power, saving your money and time.

Versatile data acquisition

The range of data loggers available allows users to make a data logging system that matches the requirements of their application. Whether you are monitoring underwater, outdoors, or indoors, the functions like internal storage, weatherproof casing and alarm indication makes data loggers suitable for a number of applications, including monitoring in extreme weather conditions or in remote areas.

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