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Ac Gas Leak detectors

The refrigerant gas is the basis of the HVAC Air conditioning system. It measures the system’s performance and ultimately damages it if it gets leaked. The leak often occurs when the AC system runs overtime, particularly when travel trailers or RVs collide.

Since you can’t depend on your nose to sniff the leak source, we offer you the best AC gas leak detectors. These gas leak detectors are easy-to-use handheld devices that determine the precise leak location. Check the entire collection to buy!

Types of AC Gas leak Detectors

Corona-Suppression Detectors: These detectors utilize a high-voltage corona on the sensing tip to identify the leak. Heating Diode detectors that use heat molecules to identify leaks.

Ultrasonic detectors: These detectors use sound to notice a leak in your AC system. These devices will sound an alarm or light up if there is a leak.

Benefits of using AC Gas leak Detectors


Many conventional methods are available to detect gas leaks in your AC system, including soapy water or UV dye. However, a UV dye may lower the overall performance of units if it does not suit the ac system. Also, it is very time-consuming to bring soapy water each time you detect a leak. In contrast, it takes only a few seconds for an ac gas detector to catch the source of the problem.

Promote Health and Safety

Gas Leaking can create an unhealthy and uncomfortable living environment. Our ac gas leak detector helps to detect harmful refrigerant chemicals like CFC or HFC so that you can stop in the expected time.

Prevents the breakdown of the AC system

When there’s a gas leak, you will see that your AC system consumes more time to cool, or it might not be efficient to cool a room properly. As a result, the system can break down and cost you a massive amount of money in repairs and replacements.

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