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Why a Reliable Temperature Data Logger Manufacturer is so Important for Food Cold Chain Management

Sensitive pre-cut produce, seafood or ready-to-eat products are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations during transportation and storage.

Definitely, you will require a temperature data logger manufactured by genuine and trusted companies.It is the only sure way to maintain and take necessary actions during any cold chain supply process.

Below are 5 reasons why you need to buy these equipment from a reliable temperature data logger manufacturer.

1. Quality Temperature Data Loggers Increase Profitability in Cold Chain Operations

A reputable temperature data logger manufacturer will prioritize on quality. That is, the company will use temperature sensor that is accurate and reasonable resolution. Such data loggers must pass strict quality tests and performance evaluation throughout the entire temperature range.

You will automatically know in case there is a sudden change in temperature. And you will definitely increase ROI in the sense that:

  • Reduced food product rejection due to temperature fluctuations.
  • Eliminate any food spoilage claims
  • Reports obtained can be used to improve future shipping or storage operations.

2. They Will Help You Improve on Food Safety

Safety is a major concern when shipping perishable food products. You need to get accurate temperature reports throughout the entire shipping process.All food processing companies indicate a temperature range within which food will not go stale.These temperature data loggers will help you achieve the global acceptable temperature controlled logistics standards.

3. Reduce Operational Costs in Transportation And Shipping Food Products

You don’t have to employ someone to record changes in temperature manually. It will be expensive.These temperature data loggers store all information that you can access via USB cable.

4G or wireless temperature data loggers synchronize data directly in the cloud. You can access the data remotely using a web browser or smartphone app

4. Food Products Require Strict Regulatory Compliance

A serious temperature data logger manufacturer will not overlook this critical aspect in food cold management process.

All temperature data loggers to be used in the food cold management process conform to FDA and EFSA strict regulations.

FDA approved temperature data loggers

5. Ease to Integrate with Existing Cold Chain Management System

There is a higher chance that you will upgrade your food cold management system.t should be compatible with existing data transmission infrastructure. Moreover, the data logger should be calibrated to your unique performance requirements.the data loggers can be trusted even in the most demanding food cold chain management processes.

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